Custom Printed T-Shirts, Design Work and Helpful Ideas
Since 1994, Rocket Science Screenprinting has been serving organizations, businesses, events, schools, artists, municipalities, entrepreneurs and eccentrics throughout Boston, Cambridge and the big wide world with professional custom printed apparel and graphic design services.

The Lowest Prices Around (No Kidding)
We pride ourselves on our simple low pricing. By being a small (and busy) local enterprise and skipping all of the hustle and hype, we can concentrate on providing a great product at a fair price for our valued clients. We do better work than those online sweatshop factories, and still charge less. That's what keeps folks coming back to Rocket Science. Visit our Pricing page to see how cheaply we can get you and your peeps looking good.

Huge Selection of Styles and Swag
We carry a vast selection of high-quality T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, tote bags, and more. Dozens and dozens of colors are available, and new styles are coming out all of the time. And with your imagination, we can screen print great shirts a lot cheaper and easier than you might have thought. You'll find our catalog links on our Pricing page.

Friendly, Local Service
We're a local studio, not some customer service call center who-knows-where. If you need any help at all in organizing a T-shirt printing project, please let us know. You'll get honest useful info straight from the makers. We won't browbeat you or try to sell you something you don't need. Our job is to create for you what you want as pleasantly, efficiently and cheaply as possible. That's how we've become the most popular silk screen printing option in the Boston area.

Thank you for considering Rocket Science! We look forward to serving you!